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Larkin: Freedom Writers

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Erin Gruwell

Here are some resources to support our whole school virtual visit with the teacher/author Erin Gruwell, who wrote Freedom Writers.

Erin Gruwell's TED talk (17 minutes)

In this TED talk, Erin Gruwell explains what happened in her classroom when students began reading about characters with difficult life circumstances and writing about their own lives.

Interview with Erin Gruwell (7 minutes)

This interview with Erin Gruwell highlights the Freedom Writers Foundation work and the lasting impact of the project.

Video Talk (3 minutes)

In this short video chat with a classroom of students in another country, you can have a quick look at the author; it showcases one of her original students and the type of message Gruwell delivers to students.

Freedom Writers Model in Schools


Database articles that show the impact of Freedom Writers projects.  You will need the Larkin passwords to access from home.

This is a brief explanation of Erin Gruwell's classroom experience and the book that came out of it.  Did you know the book proceeds put the students through college? 

The Freedom Writers Diary

This is a five part newspaper series that showcases student writing at a middle school using the dairy project.

Writing for Their Lives: With Passion, a Class Pours Out Troubles...
Writing for Their Lives: Life Without a Father
Writing for Their Lives: After the Trigger Is Pulled
Writing for Their Lives: In the Steps of a Victim
Writing for Their Lives: Surprise Endings

Podcast Episodes 20th Anniversary of Book (around 30 minutes each)

Travel back in time to Room 203 at Wilson High School, where Ms. G first united her students through writing. In intimate interviews and captivating stories, Erin and the Freedom Writers recount how they became a family and turned their collection of stories into a best-selling book. And now, twenty years after The Freedom Writers Diary was first published, Ms. G and the Freedom Writers are gathering again to write the 20th Anniversary Edition of the book. Where are Ms. G and the Freedom Writers today? And why does the world still need their stories? 

Get an inside look into the collaborative writing process for twenty new stories in the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Freedom Writers Diary. How did Ms. G and the Freedom Writers organize their ideas, decide on topics and authors, and move the puzzle pieces around to find the bigger picture? Can they recreate the magic of Room 203 after 20 years? 

Erin and the Freedom Writers provide an exclusive sneak peek of their new stories in the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Freedom Writers Diary. They illuminate the most iconic Freedom Writer moments and reveal how they are still growing and healing. How have the Freedom Writers evolved since Room 203? And how can we learn from their growth? 

Explore how hearts can mend, how healing can take place after years of trauma, and how Erin and the Freedom Writers created a safe space for wounded healers to write their truths and share their stories with the world. How do the Freedom Writers support each other through sensitive, painful experiences? And how can their examples of unconditional love bring more light into our lives?

Discover the Freedom Writers’ impact in the twenty years since the original publication of The Freedom Writers DiaryWhat is the Freedom Writers’ legacy? And how what can we do to carry it forward for the next twenty years, and beyond?